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Millie Mackintosh’s False Eyelash Range


Millie Mackintosh is from the hit TV show Made in Chelsea and has recently brought out her own range of false eyelashes. They are all named after areas of London: Shoreditch, Camden, Carnaby, Soho, Shoreditch, Portobello, Belgravia, Mayfair and City. There are also four special edition eyelashes: Ibiza, St. Tropez, St. Moritz and Verbier.  St. Moritz and Verbier are both corner lashes that have come out in time for Christmas for if you want a feline flick or to layer them over a full set of false eyelashes for extra glamour.

Being a beauty addict and  fan of false eyelashes I couldn’t resist giving these a try! I wasn’t disappointed as they are incredibly lightweight and look natural. They are made with 100% natural hair too! I’ve always loved Millie’s polished, natural make-up and the eyelashes reflect this.


I bought the Shoreditch lashes and wear these whenever I go out in the evening and want to wear a heavier eye make-up, but you could wear them even if you wanted a natural look! I also bought the St. Tropez lashes which also comes with a set of two half lash strips to either wear on their own or to double up with the full false lash strip. I often wear these for a more natural look.



You can buy these false eyelashes from the Nouveau Beauty website which is www.nouveaubeauty.com or from feel unique at www.feelunique.com. They cost £8.99 each. I really recommend them!



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