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My time at Laura Mercier and Harrods


I remember going into Harrods just after my interview for the job at Laura Mercier and being given some samples: one was the nude tinted moisturiser and the other was their chocolate truffle shower creme and some lipstick samples. I remember that it was 2008 and the cherries noir collection was out. I remember using the chocolate truffle shower creme in the shower it was unlike any other shower gel I had tried the smell seemed to captivate my senses and I was enveloped in a lather of deliciousness. I knew then that I would come to love the products I would be selling for just over two years.


My training started by meeting talented global makeup artist Trevor O’ Keefe who would teach me and guide me on all things Laura Mercier. I arrived at the Radisson Hotel in South Kensington. I along with several others would be educated on the many products, tips and techniques that Laura herself used on the many celebrities and models she worked with over the years. Trevor was extremely passionate about the products and I remember leaving feeling refreshingly educated, excited and part of the Laura Mercier family. I had already completed a foundation degree in Media Makeup over a period of two years and naively had thought that at the end of my course that my training in makeup was over. After I left the hotel that day I felt empowered with new knowledge and techniques I’d be equipped with to use on my customers.
Harrods was a palace within Knightsbridge (and still is) and I remember feeling totally in awe of it and my bright white counter in the beautiful Whitehall surrounded by many other prestigious beauty brands. Harrods didn’t cease to amaze me at my time there. From having a display from the show Wicked outside the store of the huge witches legs sticking out in all they’re black and white stripy glory to a life sized Chinese dragon dancing through the Whitehall at Chinese New Year. To then casually buying some cards from the stationary department and walking past Marilyn Monroe’s costumes. One of the pink dress from diamonds are a girls best friend and the white halter neck one that famously blew up around her as she posed for photos. I myself was in awe and I felt very lucky to be working there.



It wasn’t long after I had started working that Laura Mercier herself came to Harrods to give a talk to a select few lucky customers. I remember it taking place in Laduree our luxurious French bakery due to Laura herself being French. Not only was Laura talking but also global artist Benjamin Ruiz. Laura with her soft French accent answered questions customers had, talked about the flawless face and how she believes that by making the skin look flawless is the most important thing you can possibly do. She spoke of how she originally studied to be an artist which transfers through to her makeup and then graduated from the prestigious Carita, school of makeup in Paris where she left with a diploma in Makeup Design. She also spoke about her time being Madonna’s chosen Makeup Artist. Benjamin and Laura worked together creating looks for campaigns so also spoke together to the customers who listened attentively.

 I was fortunate to work with not only many global and international Makeup Artists but like myself the many Makeup Artists that I worked behind the counter. It was here the foundations of the Laura Mercier philosophy were embedded. I saw many campaigns. From cherries noir (a look reminiscent of 40’s Hollywood glamour) to sun drenched (a bronzed collection). The part I liked most about my job was working with real women and helping them to feel good. I served and did make ups on celebrities and models but to this day I enjoy transferring my skills to a variety of ages of women, from all over the world with a range of different needs. It was here I received the most job satisfaction.
In all the collections I noticed the products were of a high quality with innovative formulas and textures and finishes. Colours were highly pigmented. To sum up my experience of using these products: they are professional. As a makeup artist using these, these were a dream to work with which made each makeup I did a pleasure.

Christmas time was a real treat as new edition bath and body sets and candles would arrive. The candles were always a best seller. I loved the sugar cookie and warm roasted chestnuts candles and still have them at home now. Not only did
Laura  create a portfolio of makeup and skincare to bring every woman’s natural beauty to the surface resulting in the flawless face but the range also extended to a fragrance, a body and bath line, brushes and accessories. The counter was an array of displays of new palettes, brushes, candles and the bath and body range.


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One of the skills I learned that I still use today is Laura’s tight line technique. Using her cake eyeliner along the inner upper lash line to define the lashes, it’s a look that’s subtle but effective. Her secret camouflage concealer is still a favourite of mine to this day. It’s oil free so it lasts and you can blend the two colours together to create the perfect colour to match your skin tone. Becoming the artist yourself.

After 4 years since my time at Laura Mercier and Harrods I’ve realised how passionate I still am about the brand and what great memories I have of my time there and of working at Harrods. So I wanted to share it with you.
Which brands do you feel passionate about? Do you have a memory from Laura Mercier or favourite Laura Mercier product? I’d love to hear from you in the comments section below.
I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it!
Faye x
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