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What’s in my makeup bag!


Hey everyone! I thought I would write a blog on my favourite makeup items I like to keep with me at all times. These are my makeup heroes and I’m totally addicted to them now! For those of you that know me I absolutely love Laura Mercier products after working for Laura Mercier for two years I am a die hard addict of her products! The first of my favourites is the secret camoflage concealer. It comes in eight different shades, is oil free, highly pigmented so you don’t need too much. It conceals redness, age spots, imperfections and discolourations.


I like to use it on any spots, around my nose and on my chin. Wherever there are any areas I want to lighten and conceal any redness. Where it is oil free it really lasts! It costs £26.50 but lasts a long time. I recommend using a concealer brush and brush it on the lighter concealer four times then turn the brush over and dab it on the darker side four times again then transfer the brush to your hand where the heat from the skin starts to blend the two colours together. You can judge the colour so it matches your skin. On the odd occasion when I’ve run out of my under eye concealer I’ve mixed it with a tiny bit of under eye moisturiser and it works great as an under eye concealer. As the under eye area doesn’t produce oil I wouldn’t use it on its own as it would be too dry and would sit on the skin and look cakey but it’s great mixed with moisturiser!



As you can see my Secret Concealer no3 is well used where I use it everyday! You can purchase the concealer from www.selfridges.com or www.johnlewis.com


Another favourite of mine are the Laura Mercier tweezers by tweezerman. They are £18.50 and have a hole in the middle for an easy grip and are also slanted. I’ve had these for about four years and absolutely love them.


If you love blush then you’ll love this all you need is love pallet by Stila. I had mine bought for me as a birthday present  from a friend. It comes with a gold embossed shimmer over the top of three shades of pink and a peach. I took a swatch of the colours so you could see them on the skin.


The colours are really pretty, you can wear them on their own or mix them all together. The gold overspray doesn’t last very long and then you are left with the quad of pinks and peach. At £12 I think it’s a bargain and a great buy with valentines day coming! You can order this blusher from www. Feelunique.com

image image

My last two must haves in my makeup bag are the Laura Mercier Lip Plumper in Peach Glow and Mac’s lip conditioner. My lips get really dry and sore in the cold weather and this lip conditioner feels wonderful Not too greasy! It contains almond oil, Shea butter, avocado extract, wheat germ oil and vitamins A and E. It costs £11 from www.maccosmetics.co.uk

The Laura Mercier Lip Plumper is my favourite lipgloss! I love the colour and when you apply it, it has a slight tingle and really moisturises the lips  leaving them with a lovely peachy tint. According to Laura Mercier it also stimulates collagen production and smoothes the lips. I haven’t noticed that my lips have been plumper as I have quite full lips naturally but it certainly makes them feel and look smooth!  It does come in six other colours and costs £24.50 from www.johnlewis.com and www.selfridges.com,  a definite must for caring for lips in the cold weather. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about about these favourite makeup items of mine and maybe next time you treat yourself to something you might try some of them! I guarantee you’ll be addicted to them too!

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